Local Provisions Schedules (LPSs), together with the State Planning Provisions (SPPs), form the Tasmanian Planning Scheme for a municipal area.  There are to be 29 LPSs across Tasmania. This is an assessment of a LPS to determine if it meets the LPS criteria under section 34 the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.



Commission receives draft LPS from the planning authority under section 35(1)

Break O'Day planning authority submitted a draft LPS to the Commission. The Commission will consider the draft LPS against the LPS criteria.


LPS post lodgement conference (non-statutory)

The Commission held a non-statutory conference with the planning authority to discuss the matters set out in the agenda published below.

Post Lodgement conference agenda 30 July 2020 PDF, 417.4 KB


On 24 September 2021, the Commission directed the Break O’Day planning authority to publicly exhibit the draft LPS.

11/10/2021 - 13/12/2021

Exhibition of draft LPS

The draft LPS is on exhibition during this period. All exhibition documents are available below and on the planning authority’s website.



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