What do the guidelines include?

The electronic document submission guidelines include the following:

  • file requirements to ensure documents are suitable for online publishing;
  • accessibility requirements to ensure information can be accessed by all members of the Tasmanian community; and
  • naming conventions to improve consistency and document search-ability across our website.

All electronic documents provided to the Commission must meet our file and accessibility requirements and follow our naming conventions.

Who does it apply to?

The guidelines apply to all parties including:

  • planning authorities
  • other government agencies
  • commercial or not-for-profit entities
  • planning professionals
  • members of the general public

Which documents does it apply to?

These guidelines apply to any electronic document submitted during an assessment process and relied upon in the hearing process. This includes:

  • reports
  • representations
  • hearing submissions
  • further submissions
  • maps or plans
  • photographs
  • other digital media
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