File format

  • All documents must be A4 formatted.
  • All documents including photos must be submitted in PDF or PDF/A format.
  • All security settings such as password protection and editing restrictions must be disabled.

File size

  • Files must be no larger than 20MB.
  • Files larger than 20MB should be broken up into logical parts and provided as separate files with clear file name descriptions.
  • All documents should be saved using the smallest file size possible to reduce download speeds.
  • Zip files are not acceptable for online publishing.

Scanned documents

  • PDFs should be created directly from their source files and not scanned, where possible.
  • PDFs produced by scanning paper documents  are generally unreadable by screen readers and the resulting file sizes are often large and unsuitable for online publishing.

Personal information

The Commission’s policy is to not redact any personal information contained in documents in the interests of procedural fairness and ensuring each party has access to the same information.

For more information about what details will be made public - see our FAQs

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