Safe workplace plan

The following information about the Commission’s hearing room, Level 3, 144 Macquarie Street, Hobart is from the Commission’s safe workplace plan.

The Commission’s hearing room has a maximum occupancy of 14 persons (based on 4m2).  The Commission’s two delegates and planning adviser will be in attendance, leaving a capacity for a maximum of 11 others.

You should confirm your attendance in person before the day of the hearing or you may be turned away or asked to be seated elsewhere until your appearance is required if the room is at capacity.

You cannot attend the hearing in person if:

  • you have respiratory symptoms;
  • you are required to be in quarantine as a result of recent travel; or
  • you or a member of your immediate family/household are awaiting the results of a COVID 19 test.

You must provide your name and contact details, should these be required for contact tracing.

The Commission’s hearing room is regularly cleaned between use and hand sanitiser will be supplied.

For further information please contact