The Commission has new arrangements for hearings in response to COVID-19.

The Commission will continue to hold public hearings however all hearings will be convened by telephone or Skype for Business to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

There is no change to the notification of hearings. The Commission will continue notification of hearings in the newspaper and writing to the parties at least two weeks before the hearing.

It will be important for anyone intending to participate to complete a hearing attendance form and submit it to at least seven days before the hearing. There is a form for those who are parties to the hearing (e.g. representors, planning authorities, applicants) and another for the public. See also Information Sheet No. 2-2020 about using Microsoft Teams for Commission hearings.

Please note that no hearings are scheduled for any draft Local Provisions Schedules.

Any enquiries can be directed to

Further information:

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