Local Provisions Schedules (LPSs), together with the State Planning Provisions (SPPs), form the Tasmanian Planning Scheme for a municipal area.  There are to be 29 LPSs across Tasmania. This is an assessment of a LPS to determine if it meets the LPS criteria under section 34 the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.



Commission receives draft LPS from the planning authority under section 35(1)

Latrobe planning authority submitted a draft LPS to the Commission. The Commission will consider the draft LPS against the LPS criteria.


LPS post lodgement conference (non-statutory)

The Commission held a non-statutory conference with the planning authority to discuss the matters set out in the agenda published below.

Post lodgement conference list of matters discussed 29 May 2020 PDF, 98.4 KB


On 15 December 2021, the Commission directed the Latrobe planning authority to exhibit the draft LPS. The planning authority has yet to submit a section 35F report into representations on the draft LPS.

17/01/2022 - 21/03/2022

Exhibition of draft LPS

The draft LPS is on exhibition during this period. All exhibition documents are available below, on the planning authority’s website and available to view in person at the:

  • Latrobe Council offices, 170 Gilbert Street, Latrobe (Monday to Friday); and

  • Tasmanian Planning Commission offices, Level 3, 144 Macquarie Street, Hobart (Monday to Friday).,

The draft LPS references ‘Australian Standard AS 2700-1996 Colour Standards for General Purposes’ and ‘Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1547:2012 On-site domestic waste water management’ as Applied, Adopted or Incorporated Documents. The documents are licensed and payment is required to view and download the documents on the SAI Global website. You can view a hard copy of the Australian Standard and the Australian/New Zealand Standard at the Council or Commission offices.

You can make a representation on the draft LPS to Latrobe Council during the public exhibition period.  For details on how to make a representation, please contact the Council.

Do not send your representation to the Commission.

Exhibition documents

Draft LPS written document 12/01/2022 PDF, 1.7 MB Port Sorell and Environs Strategic Plan 2008 12/01/2022 PDF, 10.5 MB Stormwater System Management Plan 21 January 2020 12/01/2022 PDF, 1.2 MB Draft LPS - Supporting Report - January 2022 14/01/2022 PDF, 35.6 MB Draft LPS - Supporting Report Appendix 1 – Tasmanian Planning Commission, Notices under Section 35(5)(b) 14/01/2022 PDF, 6.4 MB Draft LPS - Supporting Report Appendix 2 – Land Potentially Suitable for Agriculture Analysis 14/01/2022 PDF, 814.5 KB Draft LPS - Supporting Report Appendix 3 – Summary of the Regional Ecosystem Model of Tasmanian Biodiversity 14/01/2022 PDF, 2.2 MB Draft LPS - Supporting Report Appendix 4 – Tasmanian Planning Scheme Natural Assets Fact Sheet 14/01/2022 PDF, 232.0 KB Draft LPS - Supporting Report Appendix 5 – Tasmanian Fire Service Supporting Submission Bushfire-Prone Areas Overlay 14/01/2022 PDF, 2.0 MB Draft LPS zone maps 10/01/2022 PDF, 24.6 MB Draft LPS overlay map - Electricity Transmission Infrastructure Protection Code 10/01/2022 PDF, 21.5 MB Draft LPS overlay map - Local Historic Heritage Code 10/01/2022 PDF, 21.4 MB Draft LPS overlay map - Natural Assets Code 10/01/2022 PDF, 57.1 MB Draft LPS overlay map - Scenic Protection Code 10/01/2022 PDF, 22.4 MB Draft LPS overlay map - Coastal Erosion Hazard Code 10/01/2022 PDF, 22.1 MB Draft LPS overlay map - Coastal Inundation Hazard Code 10/01/2022 PDF, 26.9 MB Draft LPS overlay map - Flood-prone Hazard Areas Code 10/01/2022 PDF, 26.8 MB Draft LPS overlay map - Bushfire-Prone Areas Code 10/01/2022 PDF, 92.0 MB Draft LPS overlay map - Landslip Hazard Code 10/01/2022 PDF, 21.7 MB Draft LPS overlay map - Safeguarding of Airports Code 10/01/2022 PDF, 24.1 MB Draft LPS overlay map - Local Area Objectives 10/01/2022 PDF, 22.9 MB Draft LPS overlay map - Site Specific Qualifications 10/01/2022 PDF, 20.7 MB Draft LPS overlay map - Specific Area Plan 10/01/2022 PDF, 37.7 MB Minister for Planning transitional provisions declarations 12/01/2022 PDF, 217.0 KB State Planning Provisions 19 February 2020 12/01/2022 PDF, 3.4 MB



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