Current status - last updated 29/08/2022 :Completed


The draft amendment proposes to rezone land at Josephs Road, Carlton and McGinness Road, Carlton River from Rural Resource to Rural Living.

The draft amendment also seeks to have the Rural Living Area B minimum lot size standard (10ha) under Table 13.1 applied to approximately 30ha of the land subject to the rezoning.

The permit provides for a 12 lot subdivision including nine 1ha lots and three 10ha lots with a new road constructed from the end of Baudin Road.



Commission receives section 39 report into representations on the draft combined permit and amendment

Planning authority section 39 report on representations 23 December 2021 PDF, 31.1 MB

The number of representations received during this exhibition: 7



Commission rejects the draft amendment and refuses the combined permit

Decision and reasons 31 May 2022 PDF, 277.4 KB
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