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The North West Transmission Upgrades Project proposes the development and use of a 220kV overhead electricity transmission line, transmission towers, and ancillary facilities, from Palmerston to Sheffield, Sheffield to Burnie via a spur line to Heybridge, Burnie to East Cam, East Cam to Hampshire, and Hampshire to Staverton. It includes substations at East Cam, Heybridge, Hampshire and Staverton, along with construction facilities, such as, concrete batching plants, site offices and storage yards at Hampshire, Nietta and South Nietta.



Commission receives notice from the Minister for Planning under section 7(7)

The Minister for Planning provided notice to the Commission of the Major Infrastructure Development Approvals (North West Transmission Upgrades Project) Order 2020 (the order) taking effect under section 7(7) of the MIDA Act.

Minister for Planning notice of taking effect of order 28 September 2020 PDF, 395.7 KB


The Commission exhibits the draft planning criteria for assessment of the North West Transmission Upgrades Project under section 12(3) of the MIDA Act.

05/12/2020 - 04/01/2021

Exhibition of draft planning criteria

The Commission exhibits the draft planning criteria during this period. All exhibition documents are available below

Public notice for publication on Saturday 5 December 2020 PDF, 67.4 KB

The number of representations received during this exhibition: 12



Commission finalises criteria

The Commission finalised the planning criteria for the North West Transmission Upgrades Project under section 12(5) of the MIDA Act on 1 February 2021 after considering a report and recommendations into the representations.

Planning Criteria 1 February 2021 PDF, 763.6 KB
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