It is the Commission’s policy not to redact personal contact details from representations and submissions published on the website.

The Commission relies upon its website as the primary means by which relevant documents are provided to parties to its proceedings. In the interests of ensuring that each party has access to the same information for reasons of procedural fairness, the Commission publishes representations and submissions on its website in full, including the representor’s contact details, such as email address or phone number, if these have been provided in the representation.

Each person making a representation or submission, is undertaking to participate in a public process.

The representations are published for the period of the assessment and for two months after the assessment has been determined.

While the Commission has powers to take confidential submissions, the decision to do so (wholly or in part) is a matter for the Commission’s delegates. Any party to a proceeding requesting that their submission should remain confidential must make their request in writing to the Commission, setting out their reasons.

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