Projects of State significance are assessed under the State Policies and Projects Act 1993.

If the responsible Minister considers that a project is of State significance, he or she may recommend that the Governor make an order declaring it to be a 'project of State significance'. This must then be approved by Parliament. If approved, the Minister directs the Commission to undertake an integrated assessment.

The Commission prepares guidelines for the assessment and may invite public comment on draft guidelines.

The proponent submits the proposal and the Commission prepares a draft integrated assessment report and invites comments on the report. The Commission may hold a hearing to inquire further into the comments.

A final report is submitted to the relevant Minister recommending whether or not the project should be approved and any conditions that should apply to the approval. The report must be published in the Gazette and the Commission must make it publicly available.

The relevant Minister may recommend to the Governor to make an order that the project goes ahead, and on what terms and conditions. This order has no effect until approved by both houses of Parliament.

See flowchart for the Projects of State significance assessment process (PDF, 226.0 KB)

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