The draft SPPs refer to other documents, which set out detailed or specialist procedures or requirements. To help you interpret the draft SPPs in relation to these other documents, the table below provides a link to each document and a reference to the relevant clause in the draft SPPs.

Please note: some documents are available in PDF format and can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the link. However, some documents are licensed and payment is required to view and download the documents, for example, all documents published by Australian Standards. Hard copies of licensed documents are available for viewing at the Commission’s office on Level 3, 144 Macquarie Street, Hobart from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Document title Publication details Relevant clause in State Planning Provisions
Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1158.3.1: 2005 Lighting for roads and public spaces, Part 3.1: Pedestrian area (Category P) lighting – performance and design requirements  

C2.6.7 A1 C2.6.4 A1

Australian Standard AS1743-2001 Road signs – Specifications    Table C13.1
Australian Standard AS2021:2015 Acoustics – Aircraft noise intrusion – Building siting and construction, Section 3    C.10.5.3 P1
Australian Standard AS2304-2011 Water storage tanks for fire protection systems    Table C13.5
Australian Standard, AS2419.1-2005 Fire hydrant installations, Part 1: System design, installation and commissioning    C13.3.1
Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS2890.1:2009 Parking facilities, Parts 1-6    C.2.6.2 A1.1
Australian Standard AS2890.1:2004 Parking Facilities, Part 1: Off-street car parking   C.2.6.2 P1
Australian Standard AS2890.2 – 2002 Parking facilities, Part 2: Off-street commercial vehicle facilities   C2.6.2 P1, C2.6.6 A1 and A2
Australian Standard AS2890.3-1993 Parking facilities, Part 3: Bicycle parking facilities   C2.6.7 A2 and P2
Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS2890.6:2009 Parking facilities, Part 6: Off-street parking for people with disabilities   C2.6.2 A1.2
Australian Standard AS3745-2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities   C13.5.1 A3,  C13.5.2 A3
Australian Standard AS3959-2009 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas   C13.3.1, C13.6.1 A1, Table C13.5
Australian Standard AS4083-2010 Planning for emergencies – Health care facilities   C13.5.1 A3,  C13.5.2 A3
Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS3500.1:2003 Plumbing and Drainage, Clause 5.23   Table C13.5
Building Code of Australia - Classification Summary of Buildings and Structures (PDF 90 KB) Australian Building Codes Board 3.1.3
Coastal Inundation Hazard Bands (PDF 947 KB)  Department of Premier and Cabinet, Tasmania C12.3.1
The Conservation Plan: A Guide to the Preparation of Conservation Plans for Places of European Cultural Significance (PDF 14.9 MB)  Kerr, J., National Trust of Australia, NSW, 7th Edition, 2013 7.4.3
Environmental Guidelines for the Use of Recycled Water in Tasmania (PDF 3.6 MB) Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment. Tasmanian Government, December 2002 Table C9.2
Geocentric Datum of Australia Technical Manual, version 2.3(1), Chapter 8  (PDF 1.7 MB)  ANZLIC Committee on Surveying and Mapping 3.1.3
Guide to Road Design, Part 6A: Pedestrian and Cyclist Paths (as amended) Austroads

8.6.2 P1, 9.6.2 P1, 10.6.2 P1

Guide to Traffic Management, Part 12: Traffic Impacts of Development Austroads C3.3.1
Australian Geomechanics Society  - Practice Note Guidelines for Landslide Risk Management (PDF 1.2 MB) Australian Geomechanics Society, 2007 C16.3.1
Land Capability Handbook - Guidelines for the Classification of Agricultural Land in Tasmania (PDF 647 KB) Grose, C. J., Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment, 1999 3.1.3
National Environment Protection (Assessment of Site Contamination) (PDF 1.6 MB) National Environment Protection Council, Department of Environment (Cth), Canberra C15.3.1
Noise Measurement Procedures Manual (PDF 1.1 MB) Environment Division Department of Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts, Hobart, July 2008 C3.6.2, A1
Tasmanian Coastal Works Manual (PDF 22.5 MB) Page and Thorp, Department of Primary Industries Parks, Water and Environment, Page and Thorp, 2010 C.7.6.1 P1, P2 and P3
Tasmanian River Condition Index Reference Manual (PDF 3.24 MB) Natural Resource Management South, 2009 C7.3.1
Tasmanian State Road Hierarchy (PDF 3.8 MB) Department of State Growth, 2006 C3.3.1
TasWater Supplement to Water Supply Code of Australia - WSA 03 - 2011-3.1 MRWA Edition 2.0 (PDF 3.8 MB)   Table C13.4
TFS Bushfire Emergency Planning Guidelines (PDF 915 KB)   C13.5.1 A3, C13.5.2 A3

Wetlands and Waterways Works Manual - Environmental Best Practice Guidelines:

1. Legislative and Policy Requirements for Protecting Waterways and Wetlands when Undertaking Works (PDF 66 KB)

2. Construction Practices in Waterways and Wetlands (PDF 70 KB)

3. Excavating in Waterways (120 KB)

4. Minimising Environmental Harm from Agricultural Drainage Channels (PDF 76 KB)

5. Siting and Designing Stream Crossings (PDF 134 KB)

6. Managing Large Woody Debris in Waterways (PDF 160 KB)

7. Managing Riparian Vegetation (PDF 80 KB)

8. Guiding Community Involvement in Works on Waterways and Wetlands (PDF 33 KB)

9. Summary Brochure (PDF 78 KB)

Department of Primary Industries Water and Environment, 2003 C.7.6.1 P1, P2 and P3