Planning schemes

A planning scheme regulates  the way land can be used or developed.  It sets out the overall approach to planning in each council’s area and the specific requirements or standards for the use, development and protection of land.

A planning scheme has two parts:

  • text that sets out the requirements or standards for use and development, and
  • maps that show  zones and overlays indicating where different requirements or standards apply.

The planning scheme can’t make development occur , but  it sets out the standards that must be met to gain planning approval.

Some parts of each council’s planning scheme are common to all planning schemes as required by a Planning Directive issued by the Minister for Planning and Local Government.  Other parts of the planning scheme have been developed either regionally, with other councils or locally, by the council responsible for the planning scheme.

Tasmania’s 29 councils each have a planning scheme, with the exception of the Hobart City Council which has two planning schemes (a separate scheme for the Sullivans Cove area and another for the remainder of the council area).

To find the planning scheme that applies to your Council area go to

For further information about the provisions of the relevant planning scheme, contact your Council.