Wellington Park Management Plan

19 November 2014: Details of the draft amendment to extend the Pinnacle Specific Area zone are available.

The Wellington Park Management Trust develops management plans for Wellington Park under Part 4 of the Wellington Park Act 1993. The Commission has received a copy of the Draft Amendment and a copy of the report by the Chairperson, Wellington Park Management Trust, in response to representations on the draft amendment. These documents and other relevant information are available to view at www.iplan.tas.gov.au

The Commission is currently deciding whether to hold a hearing to assist in its review of the representations. However, a hearing would not be held to review the draft amendment itself. A hearing would only be held if the representations and the Trust’s report are unclear. Once the Commission has decided, all the representors and stakeholders will be informed of its decision.

For more about management plans and the role of the Commission, see the information about draft management plan reviews.

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