Draft Visitor Accommodation Planning Directive No.6

4 October 2017: Re-advertised notice of intention to undertake assessment and extend period to receive written representation or submission.

The Commission has re-advertised the notice that it is undertaking an assessment of Draft Planning Directive No. 6 – Exemption and Standards for Visitor Accommodation and has extended the period available to receive written representation or submission for consideration in the assessment.

Representations or submissions in writing on the draft planning directive can be made to the Commission until 5pm 18 October 2017 by:

  • emailing to tpc@planning.tas.gov.au; or
  • posting to Tasmanian Planning Commission, GPO Box 1691, Hobart 7001.

View the planning directive for more details. Also see the Government's Tasmanian Planning Reform website for further information about the regulatory changes for this Visitor Accommodation use in dwellings/homes.

Contact: Tasmanian Planning Commission

Phone: (03) 6165 6828

Email: tpc@planning.tas.gov.au