Legislative amendments create digital planning system

01 April 2015: Amendments to the planning legislation which formally establish Tasmania's digital planning system commenced today.

The Tasmanian Planning Commission is implementing a project to enable the submission, exhibition, amendment and approval of the state's planning schemes in digital format.

As well as planning schemes, it is intended that other key planning system documentation, including state policies, planning directives and regional land use strategies be accepted and recognised legally in digital form. Interim planning schemes are already being prepared, viewed and stored using a digital online 'content management system' as part of the www.iplan.tas.gov.au system.

The amendments to the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 enable the digital planning system to become the authorised, legally recognised version of prescribed planning documentation in force in Tasmania. This will remove the uncertainty regarding the up-to-date legal version that is inherent in the current paper-based system.

Key features of the legislation include:

  • The Tasmanian Planning Commission is required to establish and maintain a database containing an electronic version of planning schemes.
  • A planning scheme on the database becomes the legal version when 'prescribed' by the Minister.
  • The current version of a 'prescribed' scheme on the database will be the authorised legal version (replacing the Central Plan Register).
  • The database may also (but is not required to) include state policies, planning directives, regional land use strategies and other policy documents.
  • Certified copies of planning schemes (or extracts) can be requested from the Commission if required, for a fee.
  • Enabling the electronic submission and display of relevant documents (including applications for permits, representations to a planning authority, and online exhibition of draft planning schemes and amendments to planning schemes).