iplan update

28 September 2017: Changes to iplan as a result of the Planning and Building Portal (PABP) project (formerly known as iplan stage 2).

A major reform initiative, implemented in collaboration with local government and relevant State agencies, has been the establishment of iplan.  This includes the systems, procedures, website, archives and key modules for:

  • planning schemes online,
  • assessments and hearings,
  • planning search and enquiry, and
  • application tracking.

Online publication of planning schemes and related information via iplan, including links to zoning and overlay maps on the Land Information System of Tasmania (the LIST), has substantially improved the accessibility and efficiency of Tasmania’s planning system.  Timing of the project enabled 22 of 28 interim planning schemes to be uploaded to iplan providing significant benefits and efficiencies for system users.  Learnings gained during the implementation and operational stages of iplan have also enabled substantial system improvements.

In late 2015, the Department of Justice transferred the responsibility for the further development of digital planning and building systems from the Commission to the Director of Building Control.  A Steering Committee and project team have been appointed for the Planning and Building Portal (PABP) project (formerly known as iplan stage 2).  Following a detailed examination of iplan and consultations with councils and stakeholders, the PABP team are actively developing the scope of the PABP project.  This work has included clarifying the Commission’s role for iplan.

The Commission will continue to maintain iplan and online access to existing planning schemes, the Tasmanian Planning Scheme (as it is progressively implemented with the approval of Local Provisions Schedules), and draft amendment assessment information, including hearing details.  This is not planned to change as a consequence of the PABP project.

Until the scope of the PABP project is finalised, however, the Commission will also maintain existing iplan functionality for:

  • property-based search enquiries;
  • development search enquiries for scheme provisions for the Hobart and Launceston interim planning schemes; and
  • the development application tracking system for Brighton Council and maintain links to existing council systems for Hobart and Launceston.

Contact: Tasmanian Planning Commission

Phone: (03) 6165 6828

Email: tpc@planning.tas.gov.au