How planning works

Planning involves making balanced decisions about the way land is used and developed.

Most people encounter planning at a local level. For example, when they hear about a new development in their area or they become aware of a change to the planning scheme that affects what they can do with on their land.

At the local level, councils are responsible for planning in their area. This includes:

  • preparing and amending their planning scheme
  • assessing any applications for development under the planning scheme
  • following up any breach of the planning scheme or any breach of a permit the council has issued

Councils also work with other councils in their region to respond to planning issues that affect the wider region. For example, making sure there is enough land available for housing to for the wider Hobart or Launceston urban areas.

However, setting the direction for planning is a State responsibility. In Tasmania, councils must comply with State policies and any Act requirements.