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Management plans are developed for reserves (by the Director of National Parks and Wildlife under the National Parks and Reserves Management Act 2002), for water management (by the Secretary of the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment under the Water Management Act 1999 and for Wellington Park (by the Wellington Park Management Trust under the Wellington Park Act 1993).

The Commission's role is to review the Director's, Secretary's or Trust's reports on comments received about a draft management plan.

The Commission's review functions are narrow in scope, and are limited to consideration of the report of the Director, Secretary or the Trust, with regard to the comments received. This is a review of the comments received and how the Director, Secretary or Trust has responded to the issues raised. The Commission cannot approve, amend or refuse a draft management plan.

The Commission may hold a hearing to assist in its review. However, this is not a review of the draft management plan itself. If a hearing is held, the Commission appoints a panel to assess the report of the Director, Secretary or Trust. For reserve and water draft management plans, the Commission provides a report to the relevant Minister, and then publishes notification of that report in the Gazette. In the case of a draft Wellington Park management plan, the Commission reports directly to the Trust.

After the Commission submits its report on a draft management plan, the Minister or the Trust considers the Commission's comments, and submits the draft plan or an altered draft plan to the Governor for approval.

In some cases, the draft plan must also be approved by both Houses of Parliament before certain conditions can become effective.

How can I make comments?

Opportunities for comment are through presentations at a Commission hearing, if one is held.