Interim planning schemes

After the Minister has declared an interim planning scheme, the council advertises its interim planning scheme for 42 days. Anyone may make comments in writing to the council during this period. The council then reports to the Commission on the comments received.

The Commission considers the interim planning scheme, the report from council (including the any comments received in the 42 day period), the Regional Land Use Strategy and any relevant State Policies.

The Commission may clarify any issues raised by holding meetings or hearings, inviting the council and anyone who made comments to the council to attend.

The Commission’s task is to consider:

  • the interim planning scheme itself;
  • the council’s report on the interim planning scheme, including its views on any comments received;
  • the Regional Land Use Strategy; and
  • any applicable State policy.

The Commission may do either or both of the following:

  • advise the Minister that an urgent amendment is required, or
  • seek the Minister’s approval to direct the council to amend its interim planning scheme.

How can I comment?

If you made comments to the council when the interim planning scheme was advertised, the Commission will contact you when it is holding a meeting or hearing. If you did not make comments to the council during the advertising period and but now wish to, you may only do so if the Commission’s delegates agree to your request.

For information on all interim planning scheme assessments currently being undertaken by the Commission, go to