Planning directives

Planning directives are statutory documents issued by the Minister to give direction, on a range of planning matters. They have been used to require that standard state-wide provisions are included in each council’s planning scheme.

After a draft planning directive is prepared, the Minister for Planning must decide whether it should be assessed. If it proceeds to assessment, the Commission is directed by the Minister to assess it.

The Commission then informs agencies, councils or others potentially affected by the draft planning directive and invites comments.

As part of its assessment of the draft planning directive, the Commission may hold a hearing.

The Commission reports to the Minister with its findings and recommends whether or not a draft planning directive, or a modified draft planning directive, should be issued.

The  Minister may then either issue or decide not to issue a planning directive.

How can I comment?

The Commission will invite comments at the beginning of its assessment of the draft planning directive. Those who made comments will have the opportunity to make presentations to any hearing that may follow.