Other assessments

Draft State Policies and amendments to State Policies are prepared by government agencies and are then assessed by the Commission under the State Policies and Projects Act 1993.

If the Minister (currently the Premier) directs the Commission to assess and report on a Draft State Policy or a proposed amendment, it will be publicly exhibited and anyone may make comments. The Commission may decide to hold a hearing to assist it in its assessment. If there is a hearing, the Commission appoints a panel to assess the draft State policy.

After any hearing and consideration of comments, the Commission may modify the draft State Policy in its report to the Minister.

On receiving  the Commission's report, the Minister may recommend the Governor makes the State Policy.

The State Policy or amendment must be approved by both Houses of Parliament before it comes into operation.

How can I comment?

Anyone may make comments during the advertised period when the Draft State Policy or amendment is on public display. If you have made any comments, you will be advised of any hearing to be held by the Commission.

See the following flowchart for further information on the assessment process for draft state policies (PDF, 94.4 KB).