Projects of State significance

Projects of State significance are major development proposals that potentially have state-wide effects.  They are assessed under the State Policies and Projects Act 1993.

If the Minister responsible considers that a project is of State significance, he or she may recommend that the Governor declares the proposal to be a 'project of State significance'. This must then be approved by Parliament before an assessment can begin. If approved, the Minister then directs the Commission to undertake an integrated assessment of the proposal.

The Australian Government Minister for the Department of the Environment may determine that, under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, the project also requires approval under that Act. There is an agreement between the Australian and Tasmanian governments to conduct an assessment which will result in only one decision being made, covering off the requirements for both governments.

The Commission prepares guidelines for the assessment and the process for preparing the draft Integrated Impact Statement. It may invite public comment on draft guidelines before they are finalised.

The developer then prepares a draft Integrated Impact Statement responding to the guidelines. This describes the proposal and addresses the project’s potential environmental, social, community and economic impacts, both when it is being built and when it is in operation.

The draft Integrated Impact Statement is submitted to the Commission for assessment, and is made publicly available. Comments are invited and a hearing may be held.

The Commission then prepares a Draft Integrated Assessment Report. This is also publicly available, and comments are invited. The Commission considers the comments received before deciding whether to hold a further hearing.

The final report is then presented to the relevant Tasmanian Minister. If the Commission recommends that the project proceeds, the report sets out recommended licence and permit conditions and the agency responsible for enforcing those conditions.

While the Commission assesses the project and makes recommendations to the Minister, it is the government that finally decides whether the project goes ahead, and on what terms and conditions.

How can I comment?

Anyone may make comments in writing when any of the following are advertised for comment:

  • draft guidelines for the Integrated Impact Statement
  • Integrated Impact Statement,
  • draft Integrated Assessment Report

There is also an opportunity to be heard if the Commission holds a hearing.

See the following flowchart for further information on the assessment process for projects of state significance (PDF, 100.1 KB).