Current status - last updated 31/05/2021 :Completed


The major project proposes use and development of a new Bridgewater Bridge and associated road infrastructure.  It comprises a four lane bridge crossing the River Derwent with connecting interchanges at Granton and Bridgewater. The proposal affects land within the Brighton, Derwent Valley and Glenorchy municipalities.



Commission receives notice from the Minister for Planning under section 60R

The Minister for Planning provided notice to the Commission of the declaration of the major project under section 60R of the Act. The notification included a copy of the major project proposal.

Minister for Planning - notice of declaration of major project 30 December 2020 PDF, 1.4 MB



Panel determines assessment criteria

The Panel determines the assessment criteria for the New Bridge Water Bridge Major Project under section 60ZM of the Act on 26 May 2021

Assessment Criteria - New Bridgewater Bridge Major Project - 26 May 2021 PDF, 1.9 MB
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