Current status - last updated 05/05/2021 :Completed


The draft amendment proposes to rezone 50 Huntingfield Avenue, Huntingfield (folio of the Register 131210/62) from Light Industrial to Community Purpose.

The permit provides for a change of use to educational and occasional care (secondary school) and alteration to car parking and signage at 50 Huntingfield Avenue, Huntingfield.

It proposes to convert the existing office building on the site into a school building which will operate as an extension of the nearby St Aloysius Catholic College located at 12 Nautilus Grove, Huntingfield.



Commission receives section 39 report into representations on the draft combined permit and amendment

Kingborough planning authority submitted a section 39 report into representations about the draft combined permit and amendment to the Commission, which is published below with attachments.

Kingborough Council section 39 report on representations 24 June 2020 PDF, 570.1 KB

The number of representations received during this exhibition: 2



Commission approves the draft amendment and approves the combined permit

Decision and reasons 24 September 2020 PDF, 282.6 KB
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