Current status - last updated 21/03/2022 :Completed


The draft amendment proposes to:

  • amend the Claremont Peninsula Specific Area Plan (SAP) to excise an unused part of the Claremont Bowls Club land (folio of the Register 134788/1);
  • realign the SAP boundaries so that the Claremont Bowls Club is wholly contained within precinct REC 1 and REC3
  • rezone part of 1 Bournville Crescent (folio of the Register 134788/1) from Recreation to General Residential and from Recreation to Open Space;
  • rezone part of folio of the Register 134788/2 Bournville Crescent from Open Space to General Residential.

The permit provides for subdivision to create 2 residential lots of 1,925m2 and 724m2, a 770m2 public open space lot, a 440m2 road lot and a 7,763 m2 balance lot.



Commission modifies and approves draft amendment and modifies the permit

Decision and reasons 25 February 2022 PDF, 956.1 KB
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