Current status - last updated 09/06/2022 :Completed


The draft amendment proposes to apply the Rural Zone and the Priority Vegetation Area Overlay to the following properties:

  • 72 Beach Crescent, Greens Beach folios of the Register (121074/1, 197444/1,197444/2, 250323/1, 250324/1, 250326/1, 250338/1, 89081/1, 89235/31 and 94138/25);
  • Paranaple Road, Kelso folio of the register (94138/26);
  • a part of Lot 1 Paranaple Road, Kelso folio of the register (170415/1); and
  • parts of folio of the register (196907/1)



Commission receives section 40K report in relation to the draft amendment

West Tamar planning authority submitted a section 40K report into representations on the draft amendment, which is published below with attachments.

West Tamar planning authority section 40K report on representations 7 April 2022 PDF, 238.9 KB



The effective date is 16 June 2022.


Commission approves the draft amendment

Decision and reasons 19 May 2022 PDF, 292.8 KB
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