The draft amendment proposes to :

  • insert the Storage use class (if not a liquid fuel depot or solid fuel depot) as a ‘discretionary’ use in Clause F1.3.6 within Area 6 of the Translink Specific Area Plan  (folios of the Register 150770/1 and 150770/2 at Evandale Road and folio of the Register 150770/3 at Translink Avenue);
  • Insert clause F1.4.3 A6, “Within Area 6, development for storage must use a variety of building forms rather than single monolithic structures”;
  • Insert clause F1.4.3 P6, “The use of a variety of materials or other techniques to help reduce the interpreted scale of the building”;
  • Insert clause F1.4.7 A9, “Within Area 6, landscaping of lots adjacent to Evandale Main Road must incorporate mounding into the landscaping and shall conform to a comprehensive landscape plan approved by Council”; and
  • Insert clause F1.4.7 P9, “Landscaping provides effective screening of buildings and works from Evandale Main Road”.




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