Current status - last updated 13/09/2021 :Hearing Scheduled


The draft amendment proposes to amend 35.0 Particular Purpose Zone 4 – Royal Derwent Hospital (PPZ 4) to:

  • insert clause 35.8 Local Areas Plan which includes Map 1 showing Area A (folios of the Register 148140/1, 148315/1, 159779/1, 159779/38 at Ring Road, 139432/17 at Lower Road and 139136/12 at Glebe Road); and
  • insert ‘Education and occasional care’ and ‘Hospital services’ as discretionary uses in clause 35.3 Use Table of PPZ 4 with qualification restricting the uses to Area A.


16/09/2021 10:00am


Tasmanian Planning Commission, Level 3, 144 Macquarie Street, Hobart


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