Corporate documents

Business Plan
Ministerial Statement of Expectation
Annual Reports

Business Plan

The Business Plan 2012-2014 [PDF, 1.1 MB] sets the direction and priorities for the Tasmanian Planning Commission. It outlines the current and future strategies and actions that will be taken while undertaking our responsibilities and functions. The Business Plan also provides the framework that shapes the services and decisions provided by the Commission, which in turn respond to the Ministerial Statement of Expectation.

For further information see What the Commission does.

Ministerial Statement of Expectation

While the Commission must undertake its functions as set out under the Tasmanian Planning Commission Act 1997 it is also guided by the biennial Ministerial Statement of Expectation that is required in each even-numbered year under section 7B of the Tasmanian Planning Commission Act 1997.

The Ministerial Statement of Expectation [PDF, 165.5 KB] specifies the Ministers objectives regarding anything related to the Commissions functions and the Commission must perform its functions whilst considering that Ministerial Statement of Expectation.

The current Ministerial Statement of Expectation will be reviewed in 2014.

Annual reports

Annual reports are prepared under section 19 of the Tasmanian Planning Commission Act 1997 and are given to the Minister to lay before each House of Parliament, as required under that Act.

Annual Reports are available in PDF format.

For earlier Annual reports, please contact the Commission.