State of the environment reporting

State of the environment (SoE) reporting is one of the features of the RMPS. SoE reports are prepared under section 29 of the State Policies and Projects Act 1993.

SoE reporting aims to provide credible, evidence-based, statewide environmental information, reflecting a new and evolving context for resource management and land use planning based within an agreed sustainability reporting framework.

The SoE Report is designed for use by the general community and policy makers to help inform decision-making.  It is also intended for use by scientists, students and resource managers who require summary information and perspectives from other disciplines.

The report summarises Tasmanian environmental condition, trends and changes over a 5 yearly period and provides recommendations for future management of the environment.

SoE reporting assesses Tasmania’s progression towards achieving the sustainable development objectives of the RMPS. Three SoE reports have been prepared for Tasmania: